Since Oct 2014

Andrea Dawe

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Feedback from my participants...

"I first met Andrea when she attended my Zumba class and then she invited me to hers.  I LOVED her class and have been attending it regularly every since.  Her enthusiasm, flare and love for Zumba is evident in every single class and she is so fun to watch!  She is always aware and considerate of newbies to Zumba, making the class fun and enjoyable for everyone attending.  She is easy to follow, as her movements and queuing are consistent and precise.  I always love her choice of music and choreography, as well as that she includes a variety of different rhythms which I feel is very important.  The mixture of dance AND fitness moves she incorporates into her class creates a nice balance of each.  I think Andrea Dawe is a fantastic Zumba instructor, I love her class and I would recommend it to everyone!"

- Natalie (participant and fellow Zumba Instructor)

"I have been attending Andrea's class 2 times per week for a little over a year now.  She is consistently dependable, on time, energetic, prepared, positive, motivating, friendly, welcoming, professional, fun, etc..

The class never becomes stale as she is always bringing new music and routines to keep us on our toes.  The workout is challenging but fun, time flies!

If you love good music and like to dance Zumba is for you, if you like a very positive environment Andrea is the instructor for you."

- Karen (participant)

"You are one of the few instructors who plan a classic scientificaly based workout with a proper intervals, warm up, cool-down and stretch - at the same time it is fun Zumba class! That is rare and unique combination - not too many instructors can do that! If Beto (creator of Zumba) all of the sudden drops in to your class he will be proud of you! And any inspectors from gym management and canfitpro will not criticize you."

- Tea (participant and fellow Zumba Instructor)